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About Us

Rick and Maureen Haworth are a husband and wife singer/songwriting duo, residing in Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada.

Playing music brought them together and has been a constant thread throughout their lives. Their music has evolved over the years, encompassing many genres, leading them on an incredible musical journey.


Rick was born in Medicine Hat Alberta into a very musical family, growing up listening to and singing gospel music along with his two sisters and his dad, who played the piano. At the early age of 5, he was too young to read so his mom taught him lyrics and melodies, and they toured all around the Medicine Hat area. Still singing with the family when they moved to Nanaimo, B.C., with their beautiful harmonies they continued to tour and sing at many churches and events, meeting such gospel great as The Blackwoods and The Couriers. At age 12, Rick started playing guitar and began to play and sing in local bands in Nanaimo, The Phantoms, The Once In Awhile Blues Band, Apocalypse, and Suede. 


Rick and Maureen were married  and in 1976 moved to Grand Forks B.C. Within a short time, Rick began playing with local band, Border Town, and then Maureen joined him, playing guitar and adding vocals, while he was with The Country Moonlighters.

In 1979, they formed the country/classic rock band, Phase Four, with a long-lasting career that spanned decades, with Rick playing guitar, Maureen on bass and both doing vocals and harmonies. During this time, Rick was becoming a gifted and prolific songwriter and arranger, playing guitar, bass, keyboards and singing.


Maureen (Website)

Born in Nanaimo B.C., one of four siblings, Maureen attended the First Baptist Church where she was a member of the choir. She studied piano for several years and plays bass guitar. After meeting Rick at church, they began to sing and play music together, a few years later they married and were blessed with children and later, grandchildren.

Still passionate about music, and along with singing and playing, Maureen added songwriting to her skills in the past few years, achieving some notable awards and recognition. Combining her devout love of God, becoming part of her husband's musical family, and listening to many of the Gospel Greats, she has turned her gift of songwriting to penning Gospel songs, particularly the country and southern style Gospel.

She continues to write, record and  perform as a solo Gospel artist, spreading the message of God's love through her music.

The past few years...

In 2009 they met producer/artist/songwriter Ron Mahonin (of You Came Into My Life, A Hit Song, Goodnight L.A. fame). After hearing their complete repertoire of original songs, Ron encouraged them to record their first album of light contemporary/easy listening songs, Reflections, released in 2010. Ron also introduced them to Kelowna's Dave Favell, who put three of the Haworths' gospel songs on his new gospel compilation on the North County Records label, released in 2012.

Rick and Maureen continued to write and record, and completed their first gospel album, We're Gonna Raise The Roof, which was released in 2013, and received world-wide airplay garnering top spots on international charts.

Rick then stepped back from the Gospel Music spotlight that he shared with Maureen to resume playing oldies, smooth jazz and country music. Maureen went on to release a new solo Gospel CD, It’s Time, in 2014.


In 2014, Rick stepped back from the Gospel Music spotlight that he shared with Maureen to resume playing oldies, smooth jazz and country music.

Rick entertains as a solo artist and as a duo with Maureen as her schedule allows and he continues to help her in a supportive role with vocal harmony arrangements, guitar work and recording basic demos.

With renewed faith, Maureen, excited to go down the path that God is leading her on, will continue to perform and record as a solo gospel artist. 

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