Hi all!

This summer we are very excited to share with you that one of our gospel songs that was released on the North County Record Label earlier this year in Europe, I'm Singin' Jesus, was recently on the National Top 40 Country Chart in 3 countries. It was in the #2 spot in Austria, #10 in Sweden, and #12 in the U.K. A HUGE thank you to all the DJs for supporting our music.

Many thanks to Dave Favell (guitar), Ollie Strong (pedal steel), and the Imagitrax crew (drums/bass) for their amazing contributions to this song. We've been very blessed to work with such talented musicians.

In late July, we independently released 2 new songs, I Love the Lord and These Old Boots. We are very happy to say that they are both receiving worldwide airplay!

At this time, we are going back into the recording studio to begin production on 2 new songs that will be added to our new gospel CD, which we continue to work on for future release.

In Grand Forks, we are keeping busy playing our smooth jazz music and will be at Deadwood Junction in Greenwood B.C. on the 23rd. of August from 6:00 - 8:00 PM, so please join us at our outdoor concert, where you can also get a great burger, treats and terrific coffee. We are also entertaining at the Grand Forks District Fall Fair on Saturday, September 8th. from 6:00 - 7:30 PM and we invite you to come and enjoy the music and the fair!

Please visit the 'New Songs' page of our website and you can hear our new songs in full and there's easy access to a link to CD Baby where you can purchase a download of any of our songs.

We appreciate your support and encouragement so much and always love to hear from you... just head to the contact page and drop us a line.

Thanks for visiting!!!

Rick and Maureen