November 30th, 2010

We are very excited as the CD nears completion and we are on the home stretch. As each new song is finished, we realize what an amazing experience this has been. We have been into making music for years, but this aspect of "the business" has been both really interesting and enlightening. There is so much that goes into making a CD that is behind the scenes... so many, many hours, days, weeks, months, of hard work and patience... (thanks, Ron).

It's been such a learning curve for us as this project has morphed from a few 'demo' songs, to a website with a few more songs to promote to publishers, to a full-production CD. We continue to be amazed as we watch and listen to our songs grow from an idea in our heads, on a piece of paper, to a polished, finished product; each one with its own story.

Thank you to everyone who has supported, encouraged and believed in have no idea how much we appreciate it!