November 23, 2013


November has proved to be a busy month for us getting ready for Christmas and working on new songs. It's Time and I Want What She's Got are in production and are moving along very nicely. Am I Worthy? and Breathe In My Direction are now completed. 'Just have to say how blessed we are to have such talented and gifted people working on our songs.

This month has been filled with great news of our music. Since our last news update we have garnered spots on 7 charts, just click on the link below to have a look.

We're Gonna Raise The Roof took the #1 spot the CMG Weekly Indies Tunes Gospel Top 10 Chart last week and as a result we received the GMG Chart Busters Award

Many thanks to the DJs and stations for all the spins, we greatly appreciate your support.

Our new facebook page (The Haworths) is going well, still trying to figure it all out but it's coming along. When you have a moment come and have a look, if you like us, please give us a big thumbs up!
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Thanks so much for taking the time to visit our webpage, it is very much appreciated. We invite you to go to our contact or guestbook page and send us a note, it would be wonderful to hear from you.

We send our best wishes and warmest regards to all,

Rick and Maureen