January 3rd, 2013

Happy New Year!!

We are so excited that it is 2013, but where did 2012 go? It just seems like it went by so quickly!!

We have had a wonderful year with our music and continue to have our 5 gospel songs that were released last year played worldwide and making it into the charts.

Just to recap a few highlights, I'm Singin' Jesus, was released on the North County record label early in the year and garnered spots in the Top 40 Country Charts in the U.K, Sweden and Austria in May. These Old Boots, made it into the JR International Top 40 Country Singles chart in August and and I Love the Lord has been on the Roots Music Report Top 50 Internet Airplay chart 3 times. We, as artists, were # 5 in the CMP International Top 50 Artists chart for August/September.

Yes, it's was a terrific year for us and we thank God for all his blessings. We are deeply grateful to be able to work with some of the finest people/players on the planet, including Dave Favell and Ollie Strong, we thank you all so much for adding your talent to our songs and making them sound so much better!

Our thanks too, to all the DJs and radio stations that continue to support us and of course, to all of you, for your encouragement and support through out this musical adventure.

We are very excited to announce that we will be releasing 2 new songs, He'll Never Let Me Fall and Glory Train to Heaven very soon and that's just the beginning of a series of new releases that will run throughout this year!

Please keep checking back with us and we welcome and appreciate all your comments and feedback so keep it coming!

Again, we truly appreciate you support and we wish you all a very happy, healthy, prosperous and blessed 2013

Rick and Maureen